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All costs will be discussed via Instagram or my email at mocagedesign@gmail.com.


In order to secure both parties and to create a pleasant climate, there are several rules that the client has to follow, which he accepts by paying the invoice that will be sent via PayPal or email before the start of the project.

• You agree to credit me with the posting of the artwork.

• I maintain the rights to share the work I created, under my brand.
• You can remove my credit and or rights from the project for a fee.
• You can ask me to wait for a future date to share the finished product.
• Reselling the design is completely prohibited.

• Payment must be upfront. This is not subject to change.
• Payment must be via PayPal or Bank transfer.
• Absolutely no refunds.

• 1 FREE revision per design.
• 3 revisions MAX per project which incurs a 20% fee of the original price.
• Any additional revisions will cost a substantial fee.
• Going in a “new direction” will cost significantly more.
• Revisions are a little ambiguous, we can discuss what constitutes a major or paid change.

Turnaround Time
• Work is estimated to be delivered within 5-10 business days of verifying payment. Unless the project takes longer, in which case the approximate timeframe is communicated with the client.
• I offer a 24h delivery for a 15% fee of the original price.

• Purchasing my services in volume will discount the final price.

File Types & Resolution
• All files will be sent in either .jpg, .png, or .pdf.
• Cover artworks are designed and sent in 4000x4000px; Clothing artworks designed and sent in 4000x5000px. Unless discussed differently with the Client.

File Hosting
• I will only hold your final files for 24 hours.
• I can host longer for a fee.